Play with all special skins

and don't forget about XP and Mass boost!

  • Simple and fast

    Simple and fast

    Open your Agario and click on "Connect now". Select how many Coins do you want to get and click on "Add Coins!"

  • Don't pay for Coins

    Don't pay for Coins

    Don't spend real money on agario coins when you can get them for free!

  • Everyone is welcomed

    Everyone is welcomed

    It does not matter if you play on your phone, computer or tablet. You can download and use our cheats for all agario versions.

"after new update it is working even faster than before, also very easy to use on phone and pc, thanks!"
- 16.01.2018

If you’ve ever wondered from where Agar YouTubers have hundreds of thousands Coins on their acounts this website is your answer. Our product is working for computer and mobile version of and can be used at any time you want to add ‘few’ Coins to your account. How do you know it is really working? Well, internet is full of photos and videos with people who used our Cheats. How exactly should i use this program? If you have downloaded it on your PC, open your browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc.) and login into your Agar account. Then open our program, select which browser are you using and select amount of coins do you want to add. Refresh your browser (press F5 button on your keyboard) and enjoy your new Coins. If you decide to use it on your phone or tablet, download it direct on your mobile device and open like any others applications. You will be asked to click on “Connect” and then select number of Coins do you need. After few seconds you can close this application and open Agario. It does not matter what operating system you are using.

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everything is working for me! greetings from Brazil <3
São Luís, Brazil
Good job, thank you!
SkeHa o_0
SkeHa o_0
Los Angeles, USA
sooooo cool, i'm playing with triple mass and xp all time now :)
Jos Bijen
Jos Bijen
Utrecht, Netherlands